Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Update

Since our last post our friend, Jim Dutton, returned from space.
We're grateful for his safe return. 
We receieved 35 new chickens via USPS from McMurray Hatchery.
Our 11 yr. old son has a plan to sell eggs to raise money for missions trips.  
Everyday life with two small children, plus all of the others, keeps our days full to overflowing.
This is morning milk time!

Learning how to manage African hair is...whew! education! 

The benefits of our children far outweigh the challenges. See how beautiful they are! 

We're having a new bathroom and front porch built on the front of our house.
The kids have found it fascinating to watch!
I checked on Mihret during naptime one day and her hands were covering her ears!
I didn't realize the construction was so loud in her room!
Last weekend was very special because we celebrated our 18 year anniversary! We walked down our road to the beach and enjoyed a perfect evening on the river enjoying our children over a glass of champagne.


Mihret has so much fun on the beach. Water remains a novelty to her.
What an amazing gift we have, yet we take it for granted every day.
Toward the end of the evening, the kids found a black snake.

Today is Memorial Day and some friends invited ALL of us to go out on their boat with them.
What a treat for our children!
It was Mihret's first boat ride...first swim in the river.  She loved it!
We're approaching five months with her in our home. She has adjusted so well. Today we viewed  blogs of several families who were in our Ethiopia travel group. She hugged me and voluntarily said, "Thank you, Mommy." Often, when I correct her she responds, "Yes ma'am, Mom." She rarely throws tantrums, although she can really stick out a pouty lip. Overall she has been a joy and we are so grateful to the Lord for a smooth transition. We know it isn't this way for everyone who adopts. Harder times may be ahead, but for now, it's peaceful. I'm just trying to figure out what to do with that hair!


the joneses said...

Happy Anniversary Brandts! You are wonderful!

The Joneses

bill_cuttingedge said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great way to celebrate! Thanks for the update. She is beautiful! I am glad she is adjusting so well. Emenet was glad to pictures. You are blessed with such a wonderful family!!! Blessings, The Richardson's

Aaron & Laura said...

Glad to hear things are going so well! We can understand your hair dilemma, and we have a boy!! If you figure it out, let us know! Hope your anniversary was wonderful and the pictures were absolutely adorable!

Becky@ Daily On My Way To Heaven said...

Happy Anniversary! Carlos and I also had our 18th anniversary this week (June 6)
What a joy to see you all happy...and I guess you'll learn how to manage your daughter's beautiful hair.
I love you and can't wait to have Steven with us!
Love you!

Susan said...

Hi! I just came across your blog completely by chance; I was googling "Wolaytan Huts" to show my Ethiopian daughter! We just adopted two children from ET three months ago, our son Yoseph is 2 and our daughter (also named Mihret!) is 3. We're in VA, we have six kids now, and we homeschool. I enjoyed reading your blog.
:) Susan

Bookwmn32 said...

Yea! New pictures! You all look great! Congratulations on your anniversary and your beautiful kids. Looking forward to a few hours with your eldest this weekend! Love you, R

ajshaw said...

Thanks for taking time out of busy life to update us!! Oh, and her hair looks great!!

Laurie and her Mottly Crew said...

Enjoyed the Memorial Day update, looking forward to the 4th of July update! :) hint hint! You are a military family after all!

Is Mihret's album done yet? :)


Anonymous said...

Loved your Christmas postcard. Didn't know where to send ours--please let us know if the Leonardtown address is no longer valid. Congratulations on the addition to your beautiful family, as well as on Steve's retirement!
May the Lord continue to bless your family abundantly in 2011~
Paul, Anne & gang