Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mid-Summer Update

Here we are at the Test Pilot School Graduation in June.
The school graduates two classes per year. It's such a rigorous program, graduation is a big deal!

The two youngest in the pool with Daddy! Mihret, especially enjoys the swimming pool.
She is still fascinated with clean water!

It's been hot here. That was the catalyst for cutting her hair.
Thirty minutes of effort every morning just to make it look nice should have been enough for me, but everyone kept saying, "It's so beautiful, don't cut it". After I felt the density and weight of it in my hands, I understood more fully why she sweat so much. Perhaps this will make her a littlemore comfortable.

Our house addition is finally done! We love it. It so practical. We now have a full bath near the loft bedroom and kitchen, an enhanced laundry room, pantry, coat closet and covered front porch with an external closet for coats and shoes (more pics to come). We also have a brand new sidewalk. I found the azealas at a local Amish store on closeout for $6.00 each. What a gift! They will look lovely as they grow.
Over the past month, most of us have experienced a nasty virus that lasts for almost a week (hence, the lack of blogging or other efforts at communication). When I got it last week, I was in bed for a few days.
One morning I came downstairs to find this lovely banner from my children.
"Children are a heritage from the Lord..."
This is Mihret on Monday at the hospital for her umbilical hernia.  We were aware of it when we were introduced to her and the adoption agency asked us if we'd still accept her with it. We knew we had the resources to have it repaired and thought it was a minor issue. Here she is looking at the iPhone the anethesiologist gave her as she was headed into surgery.
Lack of good communication has been difficult in this.
But, she looked at me and said, "Tummy fixed, Mommy?"
Meanwhile, Stirling and Rachel have been in PA at White Sulphur Springs, the Officer's Christian Fellowship family camp. We get them back on Friday and Steven leave for Mexico to visit for two weeks.

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