Monday, March 8, 2010

TeenPact in Annapolis!

When the time comes to learn lessons in political science, Christian students all across the nation are turning to a TeenPact state capitol experience instead of just a textbook. TeenPact teaches the foundations of government with the legislative branch, beginning with a week-long session at the student's own capitol.

Spiritually, TeenPact teaches Biblical principles of government and family, going hand-in-hand with the values of families who participate. It is very important that our young people see that spiritual revival is the answer to America's problems - not politics. We teach students that every Christian must pray and vote according to Biblical principles.

First (new) Family Picture!

When the three girls came downstairs Sunday morning wearing black and red, I said, "Quick! Everybody else has to wear black and red to church so we can get a family picture!" Our friends, the Barts, took this photo for us after lunch at our home on our back porch. Thanks, Barts! What a joy to have our new family addition in the picture!