Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday & Thursday in MD

Update from the home front....the Bakers stayed with us on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. Mrs. Dittmar came and picked us up on Wednesday morning at about 7:30a. We spent the day doing school (I did school with GA and Faith and Steven had online classes), playing with the Dittmar kids, and we watched the movie, Pendragon, during Shepherd's nap time. For dinner, we had manicotti, broccoli, bread, and salad. Then, we returned home, had marshmallows over the fire, and then GraceAnn, Faith, and Shepherd went down for bed.  Steven and I stayed up with the Bakers, chatting and having a little down time without the little kiddos.

Thursday, I had two classes, then took my Veritas Press Omnibus final exam. Glad that's done. Grace and Faith went over to the Smith's (friends from church) house for the day. So, Steven and I were able to get some school done. Shepherd was a peach, as usual. Mrs. Baker had to run to KCA (the school at which she works) for a few hours...her oldest, Jocey (15), was inducted into the National Honor Society. That evening, we ate a delicious meal of chicken salad casserole (yum!), rolls, salad, and salad from Karen Swanson, and the little ones watched a Little House on the Prairie then went to bed. Jocey and Nate Baker, Steven, and I stayed up and made cookie dough ice cream. :) We ate it while playing The Green Game. We finally got to bed around 11:40p. Jocey, Mrs. Baker, and I sat up in the master bedroom and talked for about half an hour...mostly about Elisabeth Elliot's book, Passion and Purity, and items along those lines. Good chat.

That's been our life for the past few days...this morning, we're at the Dittmars again for the day. We'll be spending the night as well.

Shepherd taking a bath in the kitchen sink after little Lilly Baker (8mts).

Marshmallows on Wednesday night.

Shepherd proposing to 2 year old Charis Dittmar at their house on Wednesday. :) It's a signed contract now... doesn't she look thrilled?

Opening gifts from Mom...a First Words board book (we looked at it this morning while Shepherd was drinking his milk!) and a Bible story book. Thank you Mom! :)

Playing The Green Game. I was having eye problems... ;) Jocey was the first to reduce her carbon footprint.

Nate with our new bunny. We named it Sodo, after Mihret's village in Ethiopia.

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