Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Update from Ethiopia

Mom and Dad can't access blogger there in Ethiopia, but she emailed me an update:

We’ve just come form the US Embassy where we spent the morning getting Mihret’s Visa and Passport application processed. There were ten families in our group. By the time we waited and finished it was about 1230, so we went to the ‘Lucy Café’ (yes, the one who propagates evolutionary theory) for lunch with the group. We’re back at the guesthouse and Mihret’s taking a nap.

I was a little concerned at how she would go to sleep, but last night and this afternoon we laid her down and she didn’t make a peep. In the middle of the night we heard her whimper a little. We looked at her bed and she was sitting up, staring at us. She needed to go to the bathroom. Then I put her back in bed and she went right to sleep.

Many of the children have coughs and colds. Fortunately we have a few medical people with us. For those of us who have children who have had pneumonia and are still struggling with a cough, we’ve decided to use a round of antibiotics, just in case. The testing here isn’t the most reliable. SO, we’re walking down the street to the pharmacy to get some…no prescription required!

Mihret is very quiet and reserved. Steve said, ‘Her radar dish is going constantly’. She’s very observant. I wonder what she’s thinking. We’ve only seen one tear (that’s when Stirling accidentally startled her). Having seen her home in Wolayta and the culture from where she came, I can only imagine how foreign all of this is to her. Our hope is that she’ll quickly realize she can trust us and we’ll see her more relaxed and comfortable. Getting her healthy will help, too. It seems all of these kids are accustomed to a high carb diet. So far all she’s really eaten is bread and a banana. She does like water and can drink well from a cup.

Stirling is better. We think he had a case of altitude sickness (playing soccer for 2 hours in 8,000 ft. altitude). He’s been so good with Mihret. It’s so beautiful to see his love extending to her. He’s played with all of the children so well. Having him here has been an affirmation of our relationship and a real joy.

Steve & Stirling are leaving tonight, so we’ll be on our own with Tracie & Sam for a few days. Tomorrow we visit a few orphanages in town and Friday we hope to meet with the founder of DrawnFromWater. Sunday, we hope to be home! Yea!

For those of you interested in digging a well with us, we went to a property yesterday that is VERY promising. Wait until you see the pictures! One fresh water well could make such a difference in the lives of these children, families and community.

Since the blog isn’t connecting here in Ethiopia, I’ll post the remaining photos when I arrive home. There’s still so much of the story to see in pictures! All of the families who are using Blogspot are frustrated with not being able to connect.

One last thing: THANK YOU to Mrs. Reed and Mrs. McLaren for the minkies (see previous post for a picture). Not only did the transition home appreciate them (I have a picture to prove it!:), but Mihret loves hers! She plays with the ribbon tabs and is constantly wrapping her little $3 Target baby doll in it (THAT was a good investment). It’s so sweet to see that nurturing side of her.

This has been an amazing, eye-opening trip. I expected to be changed upon our return to the States and I believe we all are. It’s been worth all we’ve invested to be here.

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