Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday - Sunday in MD

Friday we spent at the Dittmar home. The kids played during the morning, then ... that evening, Connor (13) had a speech presentation at our church for the homeschool co-op. Mrs. Dittmar, Charis, Shepherd and I stayed at home while everyone else went to be an audience for Connor. We had ice cream with yummy toppings and watched the new Pilgrim's Progress movie from Vision Forum till about 11pm. All the girls (GraceAnn; Faith; Sophie, Suza, and Charis Dittmar) all piled in the girls' room. Steven slept in the basement on the sofa and I slept in the bed in Sophie's room. Shepherd slept in Charis' old crib. We made it through the night with no problems.

Saturday morning we woke up at about 7ish. Mr. Dittmar made great waffles, then Mrs. Dittmar took us Brandt bunch :) home while the rest of the Dittmars went to Micah’s (11) basketball game. Once we all were home, we cleaned the house. The Warmka family arrived around noon. Isabel (10), Aislinn (8), Mallory (2), and Grace played outside and took a walk down to the river with Mr. Warmka while Faith, Shepherd, and Selah (6mts) took nappies. That evening, Mrs. Eastburg, a friend from church, brought us a wonderful pot roast with garlic bread and salad along with cookies for dessert. We all went to bed relatively early…

Sunday morning….was quite an adventure to say the least. :) We had cereal, eggs, and mini donuts for breakfast. We were all on time to leave until…the dreaded iceberg had a dead battery. So we had to jump it twice before we could actually get it to start. We made it to church only about five minutes late. But then, of course, the one morning when we have to fit eleven people into a row, the sanctuary was packed to the seams. Deacons had to bring in extra chairs and put them against the wall to fit all of us in…we only slightly disturbed the peace. :) In the end, we finally got some seats…the only bummer was that they were on the left side of the church…we always sit on the right. ;) Anyway, I digress…

The afternoon went well. GraceAnn and Faith spent the afternoon at the Disarufino’s (family from church) home. Isabel, Aislinn, and I made cookies and played Apples to Apples. When Mr. Warmka left for AWANA with Steven, Isabel, and Aislinn to meet the girls there, Mrs. Warmka made pumpkin bread. We chatted some and then a friend from Edwards AFB, CA called me….we talked for a while. :) After everyone returned home from AWANA, we ate (you guessed it!) pot roast, mashed potatoes, rolls, and broccoli from the Smiths at church. Mm! After dinner, we played (yes…again) Apples to Apples till about 10p. And…here we are!

Connor...Justin Beiber wannabe??

Shepherd and Micah - Peace out!

The Brandts and Dittmars (...most of them) in the car.

Faith and Suza.... :)

Mr. Warmka reading to Shepherd and Mallory....

Bathtime for Shepherd and Mallory... =]

The clock's telling me it's 11:30...Mrs. Warmka is reading excerpts from "Dug Down Deep," Joshua Harris' new book, about the importance of theology for life (available January 19 at your local bookstore! ;) ). I'm...well....updating y'all.

God bless and thank you for all your help, phone calls, and prayers. We appreciate it!

With joy,

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