Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ethiopia Day 4: Kingdom Vision International Orphanage, Sodo (Part 3)

The staff prepared a meal of local fare to honor us.

Mihret's mother had walked three hours on foot to meet with us. Her tribe speaks Wolayta, not Amharic, the national language. Solomon, the director of the orphanage, translated for us. We asked why she had brought her daughter to the orphanage. "She was very sick (pneumonia) and I do not have enough food for her", was her reply. Instead of being very emotional and crying, as we had imagined, she was rather stoic. We wondered if this was the way of her people. Perhaps we'll never understand.

See her hands...hard labor...a hard life.

We checked into our hotel with two other families. We slept little and were awakened at 4:30am by the loud speaker blaring Islamic prayers.

This is our driver, David, showing us how to eat injera. It was amazing! They stuff their mouths so full it's a wonder they don't choke on their food. It was truly an art form!

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ajshaw said...

Very nice to relive some moments through the blog. I am taking a break from Woineshet's first lesson on candyland... there is definitely a language barrier at this point :) have fun!!!