Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 9: A Trip to the Coffee Factory

In the few days following taking possession of Mihret, each time we had to drive somewhere I got the feeling she was afraid we were taking her somewhere to leave her. She would break out in sweat and be very reserved. It created much compassion in my heart for her as I contemplated all she had been through, alone, over the past months.

The Robera Coffee Factory did not have a sense of time or customer service. We were there for several hours waiting on our orders to be filled. However, the tour was, indeed, very interesting!
The next time I'm tempted to complain I'm going to think about what it would be like to sit and pick through coffee beans all day, like these ladies.
This is the bean roaster for their company (only one).
Now I am so much more educated on my favorite beverage!
This is the one bean grinder. Most beans are exported before roasting or grinding. This company primarily exports to the Middle East and Europe.
They had stencils with their company information they would lay on each burlap bag and two ladies hand stamped every one with ink!
...all filled with that aromatic delight! Mmmmmm...

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ajshaw said...

I love the comment about the factory having no customer service or sense of time. Winnie told everyone that :) hey, can I post a pic of winnie and mirhet playing tea on my blog?