Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 7: Children's HopeChest/ Mihret's Home

Peter, the Director of CHC Ethiopia took us to this location which has a school with 56 children sponsored. However, they are wanting to use the land for agriculture to feed area orphans. In order to do this, they need a deep well because the water in the nearby river is polluted with toxins from a textile factory. Peter said that if the children get their feet in the water it burns their skin. That water is not suitable to sustain any development on the land.  They also want to raise chickens so the children have protein via the eggs that are produced.

The site of the potential well.

The toxic river.
The "kitchen" where they cook every morning for 56 children. They need a new kitchen, too!
The Director of the school with the gate guard. The school building is in the background.

Sam & Stirling enjoying a shake after lunch at the Hilton.

Approaching the gate of the transition home where Mihret was living after the orphanage.

One of the nannies expressing apprciation for the "minkies" made by Mrs. McLaren and Mrs. Reed.
"So, what does she eat?" Crackers...water....
Since she was sick (and exhausted) for the first few days, she fell right asleep in my arms.

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