Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 4: The L-O-N-G Road to Sodo (Part 1 - The Morning)

We departed our guest house at 7am. About 45 minutes into the drive we pulled over at a gas station with a tire problem. Although the station was very busy, there was no waiting to have it fixed and we were back on the road in about 20 minutes.

The drivers swerved around herds of cows, donkeys and goats the during the entire five hour drive. Many people walked along the 2-lane road and were even IN the road. There is some kind of intuitive communication between pedestrians and drivers. Although it was chaotic according to American standards, we saw no wrecks and had no problems. It was a fascinating, yet somewhat unnerving, experience.

It was, indeed, like going back in time. Daily living is primitive.

We stopped in Butajira for lunch. Notice the soccer game on the television. "It's the world sport!" Steve says proudly.

The cut lamb pieces were serve in a pot that had a burning coal underneath to keep it hot. It was a spicy dish. The rolled bread was "injera", the national bread of choice. The other pieces were similar to a tasy sourdough. Even though this was good, we still ate sparingly and cautiously. With each meal I enjoyed a bottle of Ambo, which is similar to Perrier (sparkling water).

We enjoyed an Ethiopian (not Starbucks) style Machiatto. STRONG!

Tracie arrived safely only 14 hours before (Friday evening).  She's having a GREAT time and helps us keep a jovial attitude:).

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